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Демо &


Виртуальный тур по недвижимости

Это классический пример тура по недвижимости. Полюбуйтесь красотой виллы в деталях. Настраиваемые функции позволяют вам идеально адаптировать свой виртуальный тур к дизайну объекта.

E-learning & training tours

For more scalable training with content that sticks

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The new concept to communicatewith your clients

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Powerful hotspots

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Animated Panorama

Make your 360ºs come to live

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Live Panoramas

Incredible Time-Lapse panoramas

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3d transition effect

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360° Videoincluding live hotspots

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Adaptive HDR Panorama

An innovation that mimicks the behaviour of the human eye

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Preset Skinsand individual style elements

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vr ready

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Stereoscopicpanoramasfor VR supported

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Maps, Compass & Floor Plans

For better orientation and fast maneuvering

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Embed external content

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Control access to tours hosted on your 3DVista Hosting

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3DVista'shosting service

An easy Alternative to hosting on your own Server

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Export asOfflineor Online Tours

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Photo albums

A catalogue of stills to go with your virtual tour

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Intuitive interface

Categories that feel right and support your natural workflow

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Brand & Embed

Your logos on your tour, your tours on your website

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Optimized for all devices

Across platforms and without installations or plug-ins

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Pair withyour own App

Your tours in the free 3DVista App or on your own app with your logo and design.

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Publish to GoogleStreet View

Increase Online Reach with One-click publication onto Google

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SCORMCompliant LMSfor education

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More features

More featuresGeneral

  • Exporting for Web

    You can upload your virtual tour to the internet, either as a new webpage (solely showing the tour) or as part of an existing webpage (i.e. integrate the virtual tour into the product descrip-tion page of a house that you are offering).
    Your audience does not need any special player or software in order to see the virtual tour. So as soon as your virtual tour is published online, it can be seen by anyone.
  • Exporting as a Standalone Player (offline)

    This format publishes your virtual tour as one file, which can be used locally. This means, you can pass it on via CD, USB stick or email and your audience can run the virtual tour without the need for an internet connection or extra software. Simply double click on the file and the virtual tour will start running on any computer.
  • No Programming needed

    Unlike with many other virtual tour softwares, with 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite, you don’t need any tech skills to create a complete interactive virtual tour. even adding complex behaviours and interactions to your virtual tours are a matter of a few clicks only.
  • Simplified New Interface

    We understand that not everyone has time to learn how to create complex behaviours. This is why we made complex simple. Intuitive control panels with step-by-step mechanisms allow you to create, adapt and change components, functions and layouts in no time - with no limi-tation in versatility at all.
  • Optional Hosting Service

    If you want to upload your virtual tours to the internet, but don’t know anything about FTP pro-grams or how to upload which files to what server, 3DVista has a very convenient solution for you: Subscribers of our (yearly) Hosting Service can simply create their virtual tour using the software and once done, click “Upload to my Hosting”. This will automatically upload your tour to your personal 3DVista server and give you a link, which you can a) send to customers or b) integrate in (the code of) your webpage (so that your tour is integrated into your website). It’s the easiest and fastest way to absolute professionalism.
  • Optimized for sharing in Social Networks

    When sharing a link on social networks (e.g. facebook), the virtual tours will automatically show in an optimum way. Image, description and text will be displayed in an optimum format to maximise exposure and awareness.
  • Optimized bandwith for mobile

    When publishing your virtual tour, you can select an (additional) option, that optimizes your virtual tours for display on mobile phones. This will publish an alternative, smaller version of the virtual tour which saves your customers valuable bandwidth and makes the tours run more smoothly on mobiles, without any compromise of quality whatsoever.

More featuresStitcher

  • Support for most types of cameras and lenses

    3DVista Stitcher stitches photos taken with almost any kind of camera and lens. Optimum results are achieved with popular lenses including wide angle lenses, fisheye lenses, one shot lenses or 6 cube faces made with CAD but even photos taken with point and shoot cameras or mobile phones are supported.
  • Automatic Control Points Detection

    3DVista Stitcher can stitch your photos entirely on its own by automatically detecting control points - those points that appear in two adjacent photos, which are taken to merge or over-lap the two. However, you can always add/place/change/delete control points yourself to optimize the result if you wish.
  • Single, Double row and free stitching

    If you don’t have a wide angle lens, you can still create a great panorama by stitching a larger number of images. Don't miss the panorama, just because you only have a point and shoot camera or a cell phone. Free stitching allows to stitch photos that have been taken "zig-zag" with your phone.
  • Standard HDR Stitching

    HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a great feature to enhance your panoramas and virtual tours. A normal photo -without HDR- can have areas that are over- or underexposed, usually both, which results in a loss of detail in bright or dark areas. HDR compensates for this loss of detail: You capture each shot various times at different exposure levels (i.e. take each shot three times) and combine them to produce one photo representative of a broader ton-al range. This means that in the final photo we will have the optimal exposure of dark and bright spots respectively combined (which initially come from different photos). This is espe-cially useful for indoor panoramas where you have windows or lamps.
    3DVista Stitcher has a feature that allows you to stitch HDR panoramas with one click. Simply select all photos and click on standard HDR stitching. You’ll get a stunning HDR panorama in no time.
  • Adaptive HDR Stitching

    3DVista developed a technology that takes advantage of the benefits of HDR while making the panoramas look more natural and real. Adaptive HDR is a feature that is exclusive to 3DVista technology that you won’t find in any other software.
    We were inspired by the behavior of the actual human eye whenever it has to deal with very dark and very bright spots in real life. What the human eye does is it adapts to light and dark dynamically by adjusting the iris depending on the area your iris focuses on. With 3DVista’s adaptive HDR, we are mimicking this natural behavior. So what adaptive HDR does is that rather than having the optimal exposure levels fixed in your panoramas, it dynamically ad-justs them depending on where in the panorama you are looking in real time. It lets you ex-perience how exposure and luminosity adapt in every area of the panorama just as the hu-man iris would, letting you see places the way they actually look in reality.
  • Live Panoramas

    Our latest innovation and unique to 3DVista, Live Panoramas take virtual tours to the next level. If you take the (exact) same panorama over a period of time and select the Live Pano-rama Stitching mode, you will get an immersive panorama that shows the course of time and perfectly reflect the atmosphere of a place. It merges your panoramas to create a seamless, time-lapse panorama that allows you to see magical moments, such as the sunrise, in 360°. It couldn’t get any more real!
  • Automatic Color and Exposure correction

    If your individual photos show a lot of difference in color, don’t worry: Thanks to our smart algorithm, the levels of exposure, color and brightness between pictures will be automatical-ly adjusted and merged while stitching. This will leave you with a great, homogenous panorama.
  • Detecting moving objects

    When shooting panoramas, sometimes it’s inevitable to capture moving cars, persons, clouds etc. Those moving objects could then appear in two different photos, which will be stitched. Our algorithms detect this movement and compensate it to avoid "ghosting".
  • 18 types of Projections supported, including Small Planets

    Depending on the use of your panorama (virtual tours, printing, architectural projections, marketing material etc.), you may want to have it projected in one format or another.
    - equirectangular (For spherical panos)
    - Cubic, 6 Faces
    - Rectilinear
    - Cylindrical (for printing and QTVR)
    - Fisheye equidistance Full Frame
    - Fisheye Stereographics Full Frame
    - Mercator
    - Transverse Mercator
    - Sinusoidal
    - Lambert equal
    - Lambert Azimuthal
    - Albers equal Area Conical
    - Miller Cylindrical
    - Panini
    - Architectural
    - Fisheye Orthographic Fullframe
    - Fisheye equisolid Fullframe
  • Batch Stitching

    If you want to stitch various panoramas, waiting times during the individual High-Quality Stitching processes can take up a lot of your valuable time. Therefore, 3DVista Stitcher offers a “Send to Batch” Option, which allows you to edit and pre-stitch (low-quality stitch to see what the panorama would look like) your panorama and then send it to Batch to be stitched later on. Then, you continue to pre-stitch the next panorama and do the same. At the very end you can initiate the high-quality stitching process of all panoramas in the Batch together.

More featuresSkin & Layout

  • Big Library of premade skins

    Speed up your interface creation by choosing pre-designed elements from our Skin Library without compromising individuality. You can also choose library elements and change/adapt them yourself.
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop based Skin Maker

    The creation of skins is entirely drag and drop based. This means that you move your com-ponents around to place them on your canvas in the exact way that you want them to be displayed on top of your tour.
  • Full Screen Skins

    Create an interface that adapts to the size of the browser/screen. This will make sure that -whether seeing a small preview or playing it in full screen- your design will always adapt to total size.
  • Fixed Size Skins

    Fixed size skins serve for embedding a virtual tour in an existing page, such as blogs, product websites etc.
  • Show/Hide Elements

    Buttons that trigger the action of hiding or showing selected virtual tour elements. You could, for example, give your audience the power to hide all hotspots within a panorama to achieve a clearer view. When clicking on the button within the skin/interface, all hotspots will automatically disappear. If you wish, the same button can also make them reappear again, of course (turn hotspots on/off).
  • Gradients

    Rather than only plain colors, buttons, components and info boxes can carry gradient colors to give your designs more depth.
  • Tabs

    Tabs serve to organize content of different nature within the same window. 3DVista Virtual Tour’s Skinmaker allows you to create such windows with as many tabs as you wish.

More featuresPanoramas

  • Adaptive HDR Panoramas

    3DVista has developed a new technology that takes the HDR concept to the next level. ADAPTIVE HDR is the first technology to DYNAMICALLY adapt the exposure of a spot avoiding extreme shade or light. By imitating the human eye, ADAPTIVE HDR technology analyzes the area you are looking at and chooses the optimum exposure for it in real time. This ensures optimum visualization of every detail. ADAPTIVE HDR adds another Wow-element of reality to your Tours making them uniquely realistic.
  • Supports Live Panoramas

    Live Panoramas are our latest innovation. As a feature unique to 3DVista, they take virtual tours to the next level. If you take the (exact) same panorama over a period of time and select the Live Panorama Stitching mode, you will get an immersive panorama that shows the course of time and perfectly reflects the atmosphere of a place. It merges your panoramas to create a seamless, time-lapse panorama that allows you to see magical moments, such as the sunrise, in 360°. It couldn’t get any more real!
  • Supports Full Panoramas

    Full panoramas are panoramas that cover the full 360°.
  • Supports Partial Panoramas

    You can also integrate partial panoramas in your virtual tours. Panoramas that cover less than 360° will simply bounce back once they reach either end.
  • Lens Flare Effect

    Lens flares are visible artifacts of scattered light that you usually see when pointing a lens towards a light source. Do you have very bright spots or sources of light in your panoramas? Per drag and drop you can place a Lens Flare that will simulate this effect making the experience extra real.
  • Immersive Audio

    Allows you to place different audio files on different areas of the panorama. Play wave sounds as your audience is looking towards the ocean, while playing children sounds once they turn towards the other side. The smooth transitions between the sound zones imitate how you’d hear different things from different directions making the experience real yet another level.
  • Tripod Caps (Floating and Fixed)

    Tripod caps not only help hiding the tripod in the bottom of your panorama, they are also a great spot to place your logo. Tripod caps can either be fixed so they won’t spin while you’re moving (ideal for compass designs), or they can be floating so you always see your design or logo upright.
  • Initial Point, Speed and Inertia Settings

    Define the Starting point of your panoramas, their “spinning” speed and inertia, as well as the speed you allow your visitors when interacting.
  • Zoom Settings

    Limit the zoom in and out according to your taste to prevent your panoramas from displaying in low quality.

More featuresHotspots & Guided Tour

  • Link Panoramas

    Hotspot Action. Using hotspots, you can link panoramas of for example, two adjacent rooms. When clicking on the hotspot, the linked panorama will open and your audience will feel like they are moving to the next room. This way, you can create a true walk-through and allow your audience to move wherever they want.
  • Transparencies and Rollovers

    Define whether you want your hotspots to display at all times or only when rolling over them with the mouse. Define the same for when their action should be triggered (on roll-over or when being clicked on).
  • Pop Up Information Windows

    Hotspot Action. An info window is a type of hotspot that pops up and displays extra info to your customers when clicked on (or rolled-over). The info window can contain text and/or media, such as videos or images. It is ideal to give extra details about a certain point or object within your panorama. You can customize the information window by changing colors, size, font, transparency etc.
  • Pop Up Images

    Hotspot Action. Hotspots can open pop up images when being clicked on (or rolled over). Pop up images are great to show details, without the need for text information. They are heavily used in virtual tours for museums to have a closer look at the exposition objects.
  • Open Webpages and URLs

    A hotspot can also trigger the action of opening a pre-selected webpage.
  • Auto Pilot Mode

    In some cases it is useful to give your audience an auto-pilot tour to show them specific things in a predetermined order (yet they can always interfere and start piloting themselves). With 3DVista Virtual Tour’s Auto-pilot function, the tour moves and acts on its own, showing information and media according to how you set it up.
  • Multi Waypoint Paths

    When setting up an auto-pilot tour, you pre-define the path by placing waypoints. If you wish, you can even assign actions to these waypoints, which will be triggered once the tour reaches the according waypoint. Actions include “Play audio”, “Open Info Window”, “Play a Video” or any kind of media control (and many more).
  • Timers and Events

    You can set timers to automatically close windows or restart the autopilot after lack of interaction.
  • Show/Hide Elements

    Hotspot Action. Just as buttons within the skin, waypoints can be assigned the action of showing or hiding certain virtual tour elements, too. This means that as soon as the auto-pilot reaches the waypoint, the element you chose will be hidden or shown (depending on what you selected and whether or not it was displayed before already).

More featuresVideos

  • Introducing Interactive Videos

    This is a unique and revolutionary feature of 3DVista. It allows you to add interactivity to videos by choosing specific times to show elements, play media or display info on top of the video. This way you can immerse your audience into a flat video.
  • Customizable Interface and buttons for Videos

    Just as you can customize your tour’s skin, you can also change buttons, loading bars and background of your videos.
  • Videos as Loading Screen of the Tour

    Instead of a blank screen or a still image you can place a full screen video and decide whether the tour should start as soon as it is readily loaded or when the video finishes.


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